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Photo Diary: Playing Catch-up

Because of the craziness that has been the last few weeks, I haven’t been able to upload any of my recent photos. Now that those hectic few weeks are behind me {praise the University gods} I’ve decided to post some of my favorites from recent shoots. Most of them are from about two weeks ago when my family came to visit. We went to the Lilly House in Indianapolis and it was amazing! If you ever find yourself in Indy, I would definitely recommend a visit!! The house is spectacular and the gardens surrounding it are even better! XOXO Love, Calley Rae P.S.-Check out my last post where I created a Thanksgiving Trip video here!! Related articles Photo Diary: Trip to Little Nashville ( Thanksgiving 2013 ( Advertisements

Thanksgiving 2013

After weeks of school work, classes, exams, and group projects, I can final breath a sigh of relief!! Ahhhh…. Finals aren’t until next week, but lucky for me, all but one of my classes are over with. Yayy!! I can’t tell you how excited I am to go home and see my family, friends, and the beach {it’s been four months!!}. Although I haven’t been home in quite some time, I was lucky enough to have some family members come to Indiana to visit for Thanksgiving. They’re the best!! It was my cousin¬†sister, Sarah’s, first time here and she had a blast blast. Maybe we’ve got a future Hoosier on our hands?! I took A TON of footage while they were visiting and decided to share some of it with you!! Hope you enjoy!! {Watch it in HD, it’s better that way!!} Happy Holidays!! XOXO Love, Calley Rae P.S.-music by Young Triforce Cat Baron

Photo Diary: Trip to Little Nashville

Sometimes you just need to get away, and this past weekend was like that for me. I’ve been so busy with tests, papers, and readings that I haven’t had any “me time” in a while. This past Sunday I decided to venture to a nearby town for a {really} mini vacation. Yay for Sunday Funday! The town is Nashville, IN. and it reminds me of the town from Hocus Pocus, super cute and super homey. It has locally owned shops that offer everything from homemade ice-cream to decorative shops. The streets are decked out in Christmas garb and I couldn’t have been more happy. Here are some pictures I took during my little trip to Nashville. Enjoy! It’s beginning to look at lot like Christmas!! I loved this little shop’s decoration!! Pretty vintage bike. I seem to find a buffalo everywhere I go. Pretty little side street. Never miss an opportunity to take a picture with a horse. Never. Pretty flag display. Word. Really cool beaded curtain. What are your favorite ways to spend your …

Photo Diary: Midterms Are Over!!!!

Midterms are over and I couldn’t be more relieved. My two main concerns of the past few crazy/hectic weeks were as thus: study my little heart out, write the best midterm papers possible, and don’t OD on coffee. I managed to complete the first two, the last one is debatable-I may or may not still be twitching. To celebrate the end of the week and gloriousness that is Midwestern Fall, ¬†I decided to head down town for the afternoon. Accompanied with my current read {The Casual Vacancy by J.K. Rowling} and my camera I set off for my {little} adventure. The streets were full of life and the people flowing in and out of shops at an easy pace made for quite the relaxing afternoon. I am so fortunate to live in such a culturally diverse town full of many different people, beliefs, and ideas. While the pictures I captured on my outing don’t do it nearly enough justice, I think they tell, a little bit, about the amazing place I get to call home …

Thrifted: Camera Bag

Hello, my name is Calley, and I’m a thrift shop addict. I don’t know if it’s from my Dad teaching me how to haggle at a young age, the thrill of the hunt, or the feeling of joy with an unexpected find, but I’m hooked. I like to hit up my favorite thrift stores about once every two weeks. Since new things are brought in every day, I like to think that I won’t miss anything good if I pop in regularly. Living in a college town, there are plenty of stores to choose from, as well as some really cool finds. I’ve been looking for a fun bag for my new camera since the simple black one that came with it is not me at all. I wanted something different and fashionable, but also functional. What I found was this beauty. Now, I will admit it’s not usually my go-to edgy piece, but thats probably my favorite part about it. It’s a Dooney & Burke small leather backpack. When I first found it {buried …

Meet Matilda

About a month ago, my roommate, Nicole, and I decided to adopt a kitten. Technically, it’s Nicole’s kitty {since I’m from the other side of the country and wouldn’t be able to cart her back and forth with me} but she’s my little munchkin too! It took us a while to pick a name for her, we had a list of about 8 names, and that was narrowed down! When we met her, though, we knew Matilda was the perfect fit. She’s probably the cutest kitten I’ve ever seen {I’m a little biased, so what?!?} and loves playing with Nicole and I every chance she gets. We even taught her how to play fetch!! I recently purchased a DSLR camera and went a little ham with capturing her every move. Here’s some of my absolute favorites!! Precious, right?!?! Check back for Matilda updates, I’m sure there will be many!! XOXO Love, Calley Rae

Popping Tags and Taking Names

I’ve been living in my new apartment for about a month now, and I can proudly say all of my boxes are unpacked and all my belongings are stowed neatly away. The tidiness will only last for so long-,-I’m the organized mess type–but I’m going to revel in the empty floor space for as long as I can. The best part about being unpacked is being able to decorate!! I wanted to go with a really calm, relaxing vibe since my life is anything but. In my bedroom I’ve went with a gorgeous deep plum bedspread from Anthropologie. {I covet every single thing in that store, it’s one of my happy places.} I have a few candles, picture frames, and trinkets, but am still on the hunt for some great pieces to add to bring it all together. Perusing local vintage and thrift shops has taken up a lot of my free time the past few days and I don’t mind one bit. I love riffling through the record bins and don’t even get me …

Photo Diary: 9/1-9/7

This week I didn’t spend as much time on Instagram as normal; shocking, I know!! My to-do list was over flowing with errands and homework. Still, I thought I’d share with you the few pictures I did get a chance to upload. Enjoy! |Hiking in the Hoosier National Forest|The Funniest Miley VMA Performance Meme|Flower Child Throw Back| XOXO Love, Calley Rae

My Problem With College Finals AKA: Zombie Apocalypse 2013

So I think it goes without saying that finals are not my cup of tea. I mean, have you ever actually heard someone say, “I’m real excited about finals week! It’s basically my favorite part of the entire semester!”? Umm, no. And if you have heard someone say this, feel free to punch them in the face. They’re probably a robot, and if anything you’ll just give their internal memory a little jolt. But seriously, it’s hands down the most stressful week of a college students life. There is so much pressure put on this one week, that people tend to get a little crazy. I saw a girl throw her spork (spoon/fork, if you’re still confused go to Taco Bell and ask for some silverware. Cheap bastards.) at the wall after staring at her computer screen for what I’m assuming was far too long. Her SPORK! That’s got to be some kind of misdemeanor, or if anything a not so subtle cry for help. And the biggest shocker, no one noticed or even seemed …