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Mermaid Inspired Nails

For some reason I’ve been obsessed with mermaids lately. I’m not sure if its their gorgeous long and flowing hair, or the fact that their shell bra’s reminds me of a bikini which, in turn, makes me think of the beach. Meaning, basically I’m jealous that these fictional characters live in a place so warm that all they need is two shells and a fork comb to look great. I think I can officially say the Polar Vortex has gotten to me.


Until it’s warm enough to head into the ocean for a swim, the next best way to feel like Ariel is to paint my nails mermaid-esq. I decided to go with one of my favorite polishes Essie’s For The Twill Of It. The metallic sheen that changes colors in different settings is the perfect polish to mimic the changing color of a mermaid’s fin. To add some shine and a “scale” look, I used Hors D’oeuvres, also by Essie. I love this glitter polish because it has both silver and gold which is totally on point with the whole mixed metals trend. I applied the glitter to the bottom half of my nails, starting at the cuticle and moving upward. On my thumbs I went full out and painted the entire nail with the glitter polish. Not only does it add some variety to my nails, but it also looks badass when I’m texting at lightning speed. Now every time I look down at my nails and think of sandy shores and Price Eric. Score!


Happy Hump Day!!


Love, Calley Rae



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