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Thanksgiving 2013

After weeks of school work, classes, exams, and group projects, I can final breath a sigh of relief!! Ahhhh…. Finals aren’t until next week, but lucky for me, all but one of my classes are over with. Yayy!! I can’t tell you how excited I am to go home and see my family, friends, and the beach {it’s been four months!!}. Although I haven’t been home in quite some time, I was lucky enough to have some family members come to Indiana to visit for Thanksgiving. They’re the best!!

It was my cousin sister, Sarah’s, first time here and she had a blast blast. Maybe we’ve got a future Hoosier on our hands?! I took A TON of footage while they were visiting and decided to share some of it with you!! Hope you enjoy!! {Watch it in HD, it’s better that way!!}

Happy Holidays!!


Love, Calley Rae

P.S.-music by Young Triforce Cat Baron

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