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Photo Diary: Trip to Little Nashville

Sometimes you just need to get away, and this past weekend was like that for me. I’ve been so busy with tests, papers, and readings that I haven’t had any “me time” in a while. This past Sunday I decided to venture to a nearby town for a {really} mini vacation. Yay for Sunday Funday! The town is Nashville, IN. and it reminds me of the town from Hocus Pocus, super cute and super homey. It has locally owned shops that offer everything from homemade ice-cream to decorative shops. The streets are decked out in Christmas garb and I couldn’t have been more happy. Here are some pictures I took during my little trip to Nashville. Enjoy!


It’s beginning to look at lot like Christmas!! I loved this little shop’s decoration!!


Pretty vintage bike.


I seem to find a buffalo everywhere I go.


Pretty little side street.


Never miss an opportunity to take a picture with a horse. Never.


Pretty flag display.




Really cool beaded curtain.

What are your favorite ways to spend your Sunday?


Love, Calley Rae

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