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Thrifted Style: Oversized Sweater

Fall is my favorite season for fashion. I love the rich colors, comfy clothing, and warm accessories. One item in my closet I always reach for this time of year is an oversized sweater. They are so comfy, cozy, and perfect for cooler weather. What’s so awesome about an oversized sweater, is the fact that you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to get your hands on one.

I found this one at a thrift store last Fall and it has remained one of my favorite pieces for this time of year. I love that it is so versatile and can be easily paired with many different items in my wardrobe. Typically, I like to pair my oversized sweaters with leggings and boots for a casual look, but also like to wear it for more occasional events.

I’ve styled three different looks using the same thrifted oversized sweater. They are super easy and I’m sure you can recreate them while putting your own spin on them!

Over{sized} Achiever

Oversized sweaters are great for school. They keep you comfy during those long hours of sitting through lectures; no need for pajamas! For this look, I’ve layered a button up under my sweater. The embellishment on the collar adds some texture and interest. I paired it with some cuffed jeans for a more laid back vibe. For my shoes, I went with some classic flats and finished off the look with a colorful book bag and gold accessories.


Table For Two 

If I were going to brunch with friends, this would be the perfect outfit. It’s casual enough to be worn during the day, but still dressy enough for an outing with friends. Because it’s still warm here in Indiana, I decided to pair my thrifted sweater with some army green shorts. To keep with the neutral theme, I opted for some open-toed tan heels. {The light color of the shoe mimics that of my skin, and makes my legs look extra long. Bonus!} For a pop of color I chose a pink bag, and accessorized with silver jewelry.


Thrifted Sister 

The town I live in has an awesome music scene. This outfit would be perfect for a night out to watch some local bands or even just a night out out with friends. Layering a simple black lace dress under an oversized sweater is a really easy way to spice it up. I think the different textures in this look are really interesting and complement each other nicely. To make it a little more edgy, I added this really cool black Rosary inspired necklace and a wide brimmed black hat. I went with black Litas to complete the look.


Oversized Sweater Tips: 

1.) When shopping for oversized sweaters at thrift stores, be open to new styles and colors. The bad and good thing about shopping at discount stores is that you never know what you’re going to find. So don’t get defeated if you don’t find what you went in for the second you walk in. Take your time and look at all the pieces, you never know what could be hiding behind that ugly clown T-shirt.

2.) If your sweater sleeves are stretched out {like the sweater I used for these looks}, I would suggest rolling them up. It gives some shape to the sweater, and makes your overall look more put together and less sloppy.

3.) Experiment with it! You aren’t just limited to leggings and boots. You can make completely different looks for all types of occasions with one sweater. Thinking outside the box is always more fun!

What’s your favorite way to rock an oversized sweater?


Love, Calley Rae


P.S.- Special thanks to Nicole for taking these awesome pictures, and Anne for use of her rad Volkswagen.  🙂



  1. kimmygonzales says

    I love the variation! They’re all great ways to wear that cute sweater! 🙂

  2. Lori Hopkins says

    I love my oversize sweaters in the fall/winter time! I never thought to put it over a dress though, thanks!!

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