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Masque Bar Brightening Sheet Mask Review

Lately on Instagram I’ve been seeing celebrities like the girls from Pretty Little Liars using sheet face masks. I had never seen a sheet mask and knew I had to try one. I’ve always liked using masks {I typically go for the clay kind} and love trying new ones. So you can only imagine my joy when I spotted this little beauty on display at Target.


It’s by the company Look Beauty {which, until now, I had never heard of} and it claims to brighten dark spots in thirty minutes. Although a little skeptical, I thought I would give it a try. I have some post-acne marks and won’t turn away product that claims it can help lighten them.


The set comes with three individually packaged sheet masks. I like that they are individually packaged because they can be stored easily, and don’t take up much room at all.

Pros: I was pleasantly surprised with the mask itself. Like I said, I can be a tad skeptical, so I wasn’t expecting too much out of it. After using it, I did notice that the overall look of my skin was brighter. I looked refreshed, and my skin felt very smooth. The next day I could really tell how much brighter my skin was, so it has lasting effects, which is great!

Cons: When I took the mask out of the package, I was a little confused. It was folded into a really tiny square, and took me a while to figure out how to unfold it Once unfolded, applying it to my face became a bit comical. The holes meant for the eyes were not a big as pictured on the package, and the end half of my eyebrows were covered by the mask. {I attempted to take a picture of myself to show you all, but upon review, there was no way I was going to post a picture to the world wide web looking like a white faced murderer.}

Overall, I really liked the mask. It was very moisturizing, and left my skin looking less dull than before. If you have rather oily skin, I would not recommend using this mask, because it is extremely moisturizing, and might send your face into an oil shock. Other than the awkwardness of the application process, I give this product a thumbs up!

Have you jumped on the sheet mask train yet?


Love, Calley Rae


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