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Meet Matilda

About a month ago, my roommate, Nicole, and I decided to adopt a kitten. Technically, it’s Nicole’s kitty {since I’m from the other side of the country and wouldn’t be able to cart her back and forth with me} but she’s my little munchkin too! It took us a while to pick a name for her, we had a list of about 8 names, and that was narrowed down! When we met her, though, we knew Matilda was the perfect fit. She’s probably the cutest kitten I’ve ever seen {I’m a little biased, so what?!?} and loves playing with Nicole and I every chance she gets. We even taught her how to play fetch!!

I recently purchased a DSLR camera and went a little ham with capturing her every move. Here’s some of my absolute favorites!!

IMG_0098 IMG_0272 IMG_0255 IMG_0234


Precious, right?!?!

Check back for Matilda updates, I’m sure there will be many!!


Love, Calley Rae

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Welcome to Love,CalleyRae! I'm Calley, lover of cats, all things fashion, and strong coffee. I'm a 24 year old journalism student living in the midwest sharing my experiences and thoughts with you! Thanks for stopping by! Love,CalleyRae! =]


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