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What On My Nails Wednesday {9/18}


Technically Fall doesn’t start until next Sunday, but this cool weather has already got me in chunky knit and scarf mentality. To celebrate, I got out one of my favorite nail colors for Autumn, William Tell Me About OPI.  It’s a really pretty deep plum color that goes great with darker Fall and Winter tones.


To add some pizzazz I thought I’d try out my new nail embellishments I picked up at my local Forever 21. { I couldn’t find this exact product but they have similar kits here and here} It comes with 12 different gold and silver nail add-ons (for lack of a better word), varying from stars, to studs, and everything in between. The instructions that came with it say to wait until your nails are a little tacky and to put on the embellishment, adding only a coat of clear polish on top. I did this, and the studs came off within 20 minutes. To fix the problem, I instead glued them on my nail with eyelash glue, but I’m sure nail glue or even regular clear drying glue would work too!


I absolutely love the finished look, and cannot wait to use the other styles of embellishments!

Happy Hump Day!!


Love, Calley Rae

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