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TIU Bikini Series: Learn About It!!

Tone It Up Bikini Series number 3 is here! Yay!!


If you haven’t heard of Tone It Up, check out there website here. They are freaking rockstars and I kind of want to be their best friend. I could go on and on about this program and how much I love it, but I’ll just fill you in on the basics. Karena & Katrina started their fitness program, Tone it Up, three years ago. Its not only a Nutrition Program, but also a community of women working out and sharing their healthy lives with each other. Via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and a special online community blog, women everywhere are connecting with one another not only to inspire, but to help each other through day to day struggles associated with fitness and healthy living. It’s an awesome community, and my favorite part of the program! It makes me stay accountable with my food choices, workouts, and helps me find new ways to eat and exercise. The motto is eat Lean, Clean, and Green, and while this intimidated me at first (mainly because the only thing I knew how to make before joining was cereal) it is totally doable and actually really easy.

They also have a Workout DVD and a protein supplement called Perfect Fit Protein (which is absolutely delish!). The most amazing thing about Tone It Up?  While things like the protein, workout DVD, and nutrition plan do cost some money, everything else like recipes, workouts, and special challenges are FREE! There is literally no reason why you can’t join in on the fun!

Which leads me to the BIKINI SERIES!! This is an eight week workout designed to get you ready for Summer (aka: bikini season). Throughout the eight weeks, K&K send you weekly workouts and meals to help keep you on track. They encourage everyone doing the series to update them via social media on workouts and meals throughout the day. Their fun spirits and bubbly personalities make it super easy to stick to the plan, not to mention they have incentives like free bathing suits and trips to amazing beaches around the world as motivation. {Way better than the free water bottle I got going to my gym.}

I absolutely love Tone It Up and how it has changed my way of thinking about food and fitness for good! K&K are truly an inspiration to me and many other women pursuing happy and healthy lives. Check them out and sign up for the Bikini Series, the challenge starts Monday, April 29th. You won’t regret it, promise!!

Sign up with me and other women all over the world here!!

Check out this video, how could this not get you excited about Summer?!


Love, Calley Rae


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