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What’s On My Nails Wednesday {4/24/13}


This week, when looking through my polishes I decided to take a dip in the sparkle pool. I recently purchased Essie’s Set In Stones polish and have been itching to try it out. I didn’t want to go full disco with glitter on every nail, I usually save that for special occasions like New Years Eve or Thirsty Thursday, so instead I polished my ring finger and thumb on each hand. At first, I was going to just go with the ring fingers, but the one nail different is so last year, am I right? Also, I was so obsessed with the look of the glitter polish I wanted it on my thumbs, so I could admire it while I text. Don’t judge. The polish is different from other glitter polishes in that it really does look like stones on my nails. Kind of like a glitter mosaic, or a glitter stained glass window. Either way, its love.


The base polish I chose is also a new Essie polish perfectly titled Mesmerized. I have been looking for a really pretty blue for a while now and have finally found it. To add even more drama to my sparkly nails, I decided to use a matte polish letting the blue nails take a back seat while the sparkly nails stole the shoe. The polish I used is Matte Me Crazy by NYC. It was the perfect mix of matte and sparkle. Yay!



Love, Calley Rae 



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