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Our Trip To Sequoia National Park


No trip to California’s Central Valley is complete without a visit to the gigantic trees up at Sequoia National Park! My Dad took my roommate, Dora, and I on an excursion through the woods to the see the amazing beauties. Having been born and raised in the valley, I am embarrassed to say that I had yet to venture out to the Sequoia trees. I blame my love for puzzles and my brother’s fascination with making me fearful of every bug ever created. My father has been working on re-introducing the “harmless” creatures into my life ever since.

Anyways, we could not have picked a better day for our trip. After packing all of the essentials: trail mix, water, and cameras, we made our way up to the park. It was an amazing drive; perfect for cruising with the windows down and we also saw some great views of the surrounding area. Bonus!!


Our beautiful drive up the mountain.


The river from the road.

I was pretty tempted to jump into this little river we found, but then I though, “eh, better not.”


Dora and I and some rocks.


A small pool near the waterfalls.

Once we got to the Giant Sequoia trees, it was a completely different story. I felt like I was back in Indiana with all of the snow and icy wind. It was totally worth it though to see the trees up close. If you ever find yourself near the park, set aside a few hours to see the trees. I promise it will not be a waste of time!


Just a few of the many trees.


The General Sherman tree is the largest (by volume) tree in the world. It’s pretty magnificent if I do say so myself.


You can see how big the tree is in comparison to Dora and I. We couldn’t even fit the entire length of the tree in the shot!! It’s insane really.

I can’t wait to go back to the park this summer, I had such a great time! The sights were breath taking and the drive was super relaxing. Since our little excursion, I have decided that I am adding “see every National Park in America” to my bucket list. I made this proclamation before I found out there is a total of 59 National Parks. Challenge accepted.


Love, Calley Rae


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