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Colored Bobby Pin DIY

Get ready for the easiest Do-It-Yourself craft in the history of Do-It-Yourself crafts!

I was at the mall the other day and was shopping for little items to switch up my look. I found colored bobby pins in the trendiest of colors, fell head over heels and then stopped when I saw the price tag. Six dollars for about 10 bobby pins. I’m sorry, WHAT? The fashionsta in me wanted to grab up every last color, but the bargain hunter in me wouldn’t let that happen. As I was walking around the store, a brilliant idea popped into my head.

I remembered seeing a DIY craft on Pinterest (aka the holy grail of online DIY’s) about painting your house keys with nail polish. I figured if you can use nail polish on keys, why not on bobby pins? The second I got to my apartment I became Martha Stewart, feverishly crafting the night away. Ok, I may be over-exaggerating a smidgen since this took all of five minutes, but I still felt like the pre-jail time Martha; full of creative ideas without the black and white stripes getup. Plus, I know Martha would be oh so proud of my do-it-yourself mentality.

Ok, enough rambling, and on to the crafting!

This DIY is perfect if you are in the mood to try something new without having to break the bank. I mean, what girl doesn’t have some bobby pins and nail polish just hanging out in the bottom of her purse? Colored bobby pins add a little touch to your look, without trying hard at all. So, if you’ve got five minutes to spare, try this DIY for yourself!

I started with some bobby pins. I get mine from Sally’s Beauty Supply.

Next comes the easy part. Just chose your favorite polish color. I’m in love with reds right now, it is the holidays after all, so I went with a ruby polish. Since taking these pictures I’ve done bright pinks, blues, and some darker colors like burgundy.

All you have to do is paint each side of the bobby pin evenly, and let both sides dry for about 2-3 minutes. Once they are dry, all you need is a coat of clear polish to make sure they don’t chip, and boom! Just like that you’ve got a cute new hair accessory. Told you that was easy!

You can also play with glitter or try making ombre bobby pins. (I’m going to attempt that this afternoon!) The possibilities are endless!! See ya later boring bobby pins!!

Colored bobby pins would look perfect with any holiday outfit! Happy Crafting!


Love, Calley Rae

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