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My Top Fall Makeup Essentials!

When I think of Fall, I think of cozy blankets, warm sweaters, leaves on the ground, and a change in my makeup routine! Changing your makeup a little from season to season is like changing your purse. You’re not going to haul that massive pink beach tote through the snow are you? Unless you are planning a pre-holiday vaycay to Hawaii, I’m going to go with NO!

Same goes with makeup. A little tweaking with your makeup products each season can make all the difference. Fall is a cooler month, so typically we reach for more neutral clothing and our makeup should compliment that.

I’ve put together some of my essential makeup products for Fall 2012!

1: Cute Makeup Bag! If you don’t have one, get one. Nobody wants to borrow lipstick from someone who’s makeup is stored in a ziplock bag!

2: It’s said the eyes are the windows to the soul, and the eyelashes are the curtains. Ok, I may have made the last part up, but big, bold lashes are hot and if your prince charming is looking into your windows you don’t want to be caught with dingy curtains do you?? Curl those suckers!

3: Prime that canvas! Since it’s cooler, we don’t have to worry about suffocating under makeup from the 1000 degree Summer heat. Throw on some primer before your foundation or powder. It will help minimize your pores and smoothes flaky winter skin.

4: Switch out your bright pink blush for a more natural color. Cold weather= rosy cheeks. Applying neon pink on top of that will only make you look like a clown. And no one likes clowns. No. One.

5: Naked Palette! If you haven’t heard of this, please take a moment to crawl out from the rock you’ve been living under. This palette has every color you could need for the perfect Fall eye. It’s amaze balls and every makeup wearing human being should own it.

6: Surprise, dark lips for Fall are in again! This year plum lips are having a moment. If you decide to rock the plum pout, and you totally should, go with a more neutral eye. Remember what I said about clowns??

7: Because skin can look a little dull in the cooler months (Mother Nature is totally to blame for this) it’s important to change up your lighter summer foundation/powder routine for a more full coverage one. I personally like Makeup Forever HD Foundation and Revlon ColorStay.

8: And for the grand finale……The most important Fall makeup essential of all time! A really really REALLY good lip balm. I literally go through so many lip balms and always come back to Carmex. I can’t live without it. The windy Fall and Winter months can jack and crack a girl’s lips up, and an awesome lip balm will work wonders to get those suckers back to normal.

What’s your number one fall makeup essential?


Love, Calley Rae

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  1. Great tips Calley! I am usually prefer pinks in the summer but I prefer plums and mauves in the cooler times of the year. So glad you mentioned the 1000 degree weather. I had a little flashback to summer and got warm for half a second.

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