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Why Hello There!

Welcome to my newest venture, blogging!! I’ve wanted to start a blog for a while now and I’m finally taking the plunge. After thinking long and hard on a name, I finally came up with “Love, Calley Rae”. The idea for the name came to me when I was writing a letter to my friend. I go to school across the country from my hometown and my friends, family, and I write longhand letters to each other. I feel like it’s more romantic and old school (I like to imagine my life is a Jane Austen novel as often as I can), than an email or text message. My nickname has been “Calley Rae” for as long as I can remember and I always sign my letters Love, Calley Rae. Thus, the blog title!! Kind of proud of it, not going to lie.

This blog will feature everything from uber-fabulous fashion to yummy recipes, random daydreams, delightful DIYs, and tons of things in-between. Yay for new adventures and blogging fun!! I’ll drink to that!


Love, Calley Rae


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